power production through chp (combined heat ... - saacke.

Power production through CHP (combined heat ... - saacke.

A gas turbine generates from 50 to 200 kW 1 of electrical current, with its flue gas used to supply a SAACKE gas turbine flue gas burner, which fires in the downstream heat generator. Depending on the layout and configuration of the heat generator, a CHP plant of this type produces heat, steam or hot water with conventional heat generators ...

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shell boiler and flame tube boiler for almost ... - saacke.

Shell Boiler and Flame Tube Boiler for Almost ... - saacke.

SAACKE also offers customized complete solutions and various measures for modernizing and increasing the efficiency of your plant. The SAACKE portfolio includes: Burners and firing plants for standard and special fuels, for example biogas, lean gas, glycerin or animal fat; Burners and firing plants with minimum emissions

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saacke burners - teminox gls for low emissio

SAACKE Burners - TEMINOX GLS for Low Emissio

It does not matter which version is used and whether gas or light oil will be used for combustion. A TEMINOX GLS ensures the lowest emission values for different heat generators and at every firing rate. The key to the design is the sophisticated mixing system.

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energy from renewable raw materials (biofuels) - saac

Energy from Renewable Raw Materials (Biofuels) - SAAC

SAACKE Firing Plants for renewable raw materials, like canola oil, soy oil, palm oil, biodiesel, biogas, bio natural gas, sewer gas, wood dust etc.

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saacke – better life ener

SAACKE – Better Life Ener

SAACKE Smart Control – the future of system control. Increase your operational safety. Now you can see at any time and from anywhere whether your combustion plant is performing optimally. Or have SAACKE experts do it for you! This reduces maintenance costs, saves money and increases plant efficiency. Read more >>

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saacke case study: dual fuel combustion in new dimensio

SAACKE case study: Dual fuel combustion in new dimensio

SAACKE GmbH impressed with its dual fuel solution consisting of two FMB-VM boiler plants, each with a SKVG 50 burner, electrical control equipment, fuel supply modules for gas and oil and four exhaust gas boilers for heat recovery. SAACKE managed the entire process chain, from project planning and engineering through to manufacturing and ...

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thermal oil heaters with low emissions and ... - saacke.

Thermal Oil Heaters with Low Emissions and ... - saacke.

SAACKE offers you burners for use with thermal oil heaters that can be operated with an extremely wide range of fuels, from heavy oil to light oil and natural gas as well as gaseous and liquid auxiliary products. All these fuels can be used with SAACKE burners to burn with low emissions and high energy efficiency.

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saacke industrial firing – our industrial burne

SAACKE industrial firing – Our industrial burne

Waste heat and water-tube boilers, insulated combustion chambers with downstream flue gas heat exchangers, heating turbine flue gases in power plants, drying plants, heating process air Natural gas, biogas, special gases, fuel oil EL, fuel oil S, liquid special fuels

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saacke-burners - eminox private lt

SAACKE-Burners - Eminox Private Lt

Burners Read more TEMINOX GL Details: Modular flexibility for minimum emissions as well as maximum availability and efficiency Fuels: Natural gas, liquefied gas, light oil, special gases Read more CONOX UCC Details: Established, efficient technology for the emission standards of tomorrow Fuels: Pulverized lignite or coal, natural gas and oil […]

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saacke firing plants for standard fue

SAACKE Firing Plants for Standard Fue

SAACKE Firing Plants for Standard Fuels are operating with low costs and with high availability. GTC; Press; Contact; advanced search. Company. SAACKE Group; Industrial Solutions; ... Liquefied gas; Light oil; Heavy oil; Low calorific gases; Special gases; Low calorific liquids; Special liquid fuels; Biofuels;

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oceandynamic marine engineering and trading ltd. - saacke .

Oceandynamic Marine Engineering and Trading Ltd. - Saacke .

SAACKE GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers for Boilers | Burners | SOx Scrubbers globally with almost a century of experience in firing technology.. The company was founded in 1931 by Carl Saacke as CSÖ and is based in Bremen, Germany with production plants, customer support centers, service stations and sales network worldwide. The company introduced its first burner for marine use to ...

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saacke referenc

SAACKE Referenc

In the meantime more than 100,000 industrial firing plants and over 6,000 marine plants document our claim to providing first-class engineering and technical dependability. Via the pages on the left of the navigation toolbar we would like to show you a few of the innovative SAACKE projects in detail, and thus give you an impression of our ...

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saacke burners - eurotherm for light oil, natural gas .

SAACKE Burners - EUROTHERM for Light Oil, Natural Gas .

EUROTHERM burners are available for standard fuels (light oil and natural gas) and cover the load range from 1 to 5 MW. The layout is optimized for efficient and problem-free firing and the sophisticated design ensures easy servicing.

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saacke burners - skvg with high energy efficien

SAACKE Burners - SKVG with high Energy Efficien

With the SKVG rotary cup atomizer series, SAACKE offers a burner concept with performance capabilities and variability that far exceed comparable solutions of other manufacturer: This series covers the range of high load ranges, high control ranges and the heaviest fuels, which place extreme requirements on a firing plant, yet still offers high availability and safety.

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saacke firing plants for natural g

SAACKE Firing Plants for Natural G

SAACKE natural gas combustion systems offer al lot of advantages: cheaper price compared to oil, tank plant isn’t necessary, clean combustion

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liquefied natural gas (lng) liquefaction plants market .

Liquefied Natural Gas (Lng) Liquefaction Plants Market .

Jun 14, 2020· The Liquefied Natural Gas (Lng) Liquefaction Plants market study further highlights the segmentation of the Liquefied Natural Gas (Lng) Liquefaction Plants industry on a global distribution. The report focuses on regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and the Rest of the World in terms of developing business trends, preferred market channels ...

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saacke firing plants for special liquid fue

SAACKE Firing Plants for Special Liquid Fue

In addition to the standard fuels, light oil and heavy oil, there is also a series of liquid substances containing sufficient energy, with a heat value of more than …

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saacke firing plants for special liquid fue

SAACKE Firing Plants for Special Liquid Fue

Thermal utilization of special liquid fuels with a high heat value, like animal fat, canola oil, soy oil, palm oil/grease, fish oil etc.

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saacke case study: efficient district heati

SAACKE case study: Efficient district heati

Optimized, internal flue gas recirculation ensures a low emission combustion reaction. The swirl-stabilized primary area is responsible for producing a very stable flame. SAACKE was also responsible for designing and implementing the firing concept and fuel-air-composite control.

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pilot project for hydrogen energy supply chain between .

Pilot project for hydrogen energy supply chain between .

Oct 01, 2020· The hydrogen-compatible Gas Combustion Unit (GCU) and the SSBG burner ensure that the LH2 can be transported by sea as safely as liquid natural gas. Testing and acceptance of the equipment in northern Germany were successful in October 2019. The GCU will be commissioned by SAACKE until the test run in autumn 2020.

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saacke firing plants for special gas

SAACKE Firing Plants for Special Gas

Typical gases in this group include landfill gas, sewer gas, refinery gas, coal mine gas, vent gases and coke gas. They can all be utilized thermally with no problem, but they do place increased demands on the firing …

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